Choral & Vocal Music

Ode to Passersby (2021, 2min)
for SATB choir and brass quartet

close[r], now (2021, 4min)
for ATTBB choir

SHIFT (2020/2021, 10min)
for SATB choir and live electronics

To Propagate A Home (2019, 3min)
for SATB or SSAA choir, 6 piece band or piano

Don’t Follow, Don’t Fall 
a meditation on Jaden Smith tweets (2016, 4min)
for SATB choir

Solo & Chamber Music

Bloom Balloon (2021, 7min)
for prepared vibraphone

Independence (2021, 5min)
for solo piano or open ensemble

Mightosis (2019, 9min)
for violin and cello

It Bears Repeating (2018, 15min)
for small ensemble and live electronics

Triple Point (2017, 5min)
for percussion quartet

Patience (2015, 5min)
for solo piano or open ensemble