Music House / Rock Band & Classical Guitar
November 2018 - PRESENT / Students age 4-13
Music instructor for group extracurricular classes at two Pritzker Elementary & Skinner Elementary
CPS schools; individual lessons instructor; day camp activity leader

Chicago Opera Theater/ Opera for All Composer
Summer 2019 - PRESENT / Students age 13-16
Music/songwriting instructor for summer-long After School Matters COT program at John Hancock
HS; extracurricular music/opera songwriting instructor at Disney Elementary & Disney HS, West
Park Academy.
Girls Rock! Camp Chicago/ Counselor, Band & Songwriting Coach
Summer 2015/ Students age 8-12
Helped a group of four girls learn their instruments (keyboard, drums, guitar, bass), write and
perform an original song together. Led bass workshops for a group of 7 girls.
New Haven Summer Youth Choir/ Assistant Conductor
Summer 2014/ Singers age 8-15
Led group warm-ups and sectional rehearsals for a 6-week youth summer choral program.